Nonprofit Outsourced Accounting Pricing Tool

Organizational Information

Under which Internal Revenue Code section are you exempt?
Does your organization receive any grants or provide services under contracts?
Do you need us to track costs and/or revenue at a grant/contract level?
Approximately how many different grants/contracts do you expect to be active this year? Enter the total number of grants for which you expect to have activity that needs to be tracked during the year. "Activity" would include cash that have inflows (grant receipts) or have outflows (payments attributed to a particular grant). Enter only the number of grants here, not the expected volume of activity.

Employee Information

How many employees does your organization have?
Are your books kept on a cash, accrual or other basis? Your basis of accounting is reported on your form 990 in part XII, or on your form 990-EZ in the header section. If you file a 990-N you will likely use the cash basis.

Accounting Information

Approximately what do you expect your total revenue to be this year?
Are your financial statements audited or reviewed by a CPA or public accounting firm?
Do you need us to prepare and provide information requested by the accounting firm?
Does your organization have property and equipment that needs to be tracked?
Does your organization have inventory that needs to be tracked? Answer yes only if you are reporting inventory in your financial records. For example, if you are a membership organization that sells members shirts, calendars, or other items for which you need to track the quantity on hand in your financial records, you would select "Yes".

Banking and Credit Card Information

How many of each of these types of accounts does your organization have?
  • Bank, including checking, savings or money market accounts
  • PayPal or other payment processing accounts Include only those accounts that hold money for your organization that needs to be tracked, similar to a bank account. If you use a payment processing service that processes payments for you but that does not hold cash in the name of your organization, do not include it in the count.
  • Credit cards paid directly by the organization Do not include credit card accounts that are not paid directly by the organization, such as corporate credit cards held by employees which the employees pay directly. Any reimbursements to employees for costs charged on a corporate or other credit card should be included in the estimated number of payments made per month in the "Transaction Volume" section below.
Does your organization have investments in stocks, bonds, etc.?
  • How many different investment accounts do you have?
  • What is the approximate value of your investments?

Transaction Volume

Approximately how many payments do you make per month, including payments by credit card and employee reimbursements, but excluding payroll?
Approximately how many payments does your organization receive each month? Include a count of unique individual payments, which may be different from the number of bank deposits. For example, if your youth sports organization uses a payment processing service to collect its registration fees, include the number of individual registration fee payments rather than the number of daily or weekly deposits your payment processor makes into your bank account.
Approximately how many deposits are made into your bank account(s) per month? This would include not only deposits made at a bank branch, but also deposits delivered electronically, including those made by payment processing companies such as PayPal.

Other Accounting Needs

Do you need us to track costs by department or function? Functional reporting is required for all 501(c)(3) organizations which file a form 990, and for most organizations that are audited or reviewed by a CPA firm. It is normally optional for other organizations.
Do you need us to track costs for different funds? Normally required when your organization receives restricted grants, and it may also be necessary if your organization's board sets aside amounts for particular internal uses even when not required by a grantor. This will not normally apply to organizations other than 501(c)(3) organizations, though it can. If your organization only has unrestricted revenues and there are no internal requirements to track separate funds, select "No".
How many funds do you have that need to be tracked? Enter the number of different funds that need to be tracked. Amounts not restricted by third parties or internally do not need to be counted as a separate fund.
Do you need us to coordinate payment of your suppliers? If you would like us to prepare supplier payments for your approval, select "Yes". If you will be issuing payments to your suppliers without our involvement, select "No".
Do you need us to coordinate your payroll processing? If you would like us to prepare periodic payroll payments for your approval using our payroll partner, select "Yes". If you will be coordinating the payments to your employees without our involvement, select "No".
How frequently do you pay payroll?
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