Other Nonprofit Accounting Services

Don’t need our outsourced accounting services for your nonprofit organization, but still need some accounting help? Here are some of the other things we can do. And if you don’t see it listed here, just contact us. We can probably help.

What We Do

Need something different? These are just a few of the other things we can help you with.

Accounting Systems

We provide implementation services and functional support for many accounting systems, including a transition from a server-based solution to a cloud-based application such as QuickBooks Online.

Tax-Exemption Reinstatement

Losing your tax-exempt status can be catastrophic. If you’ve lost your tax-exempt status due to nonfiling, there is a path forward. There are a number of steps to get there, but we can help you get your exemption reinstated, and help you make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Accounting Support

Not sure you’re ready for a fully outsourced accounting solution and just need some help now and then to make sure things are on the right track? We can provide periodic support services at an hourly rate, or set up an accounting maintenance plan at a fixed monthly cost.
8:30 am - 5:30 pm